Editorial Policy

The scietech of Adamawa state polytechnic, Yola, Nigeria upholds the highest standards of editorial integrity to our authors. As an editorial board, we recognize, respect and adhere to the editorial conduct acknowledged by our authors and our peers. We strive to achieve and support the high standard of academic journal production through good judgement and a commitment to our editorial principle and practice and process

Our principles and implementation

We have instituted and non-ambiguous practices to uphold our core principles. This practice comprises our code of conduct that is expected of all level of editorial staff.

  1. We send our manuscript to three reviewers, to of which must be positive before the manuscripts is accepted.
  2. Authors must pay all editorial charges before the paper is processed for the press.
  3. Upon production, the journal copies are distributed to sister institutions, libraries and staff of the polytechnic.
  4. The following subscription schedule is used in securing further readership of the journal from interested libraries and individuals.

Core Value

We adhere to a common set of academic publishing principle that guides our staff, our process, and operations. We maintain an individual and collective responsibility to uphold these principles throughout our difference volumes

Responsibility: We believe that academic publications are the vital communication outlets of research findings and should be held to an equal level of accountability, responsibility, and integrity.

Independence: The institute or any of its organs does not influence the acceptance or rejection of any paper. In doing this, the editorial board maintains independence on all paper sent to it. At no time do we permit non-editorial individuals or group to have influence over our editorial coverage or work flow. Our editorial coverage is free of obligation and has no conflict of interest in its creation or production process

Integrity: is the driving force behind all that we do and it is a founding principle of Scietech Journal. We maintain the balance of individuals and public rights to the opinion on research findings and documentation of facts. Our commitment to integrity is reflected throughout our editorial workflow and our fair and unbiased coverage of the events and stories of the today.